"This Brand started back a few Years ago when I was at my Lowest point . I had a really rough Few years is college .
Juggling , Family , Basketball and Trying to find my purpose in Life . The things that kept me Going most days where the Little things.. one of my best friends would text me Inspirational Quotes every morning.
He would always say your time is coming your just a Late Bloomer .
I didn’t know what it meant at first but I’m Glad everything happened the way it did because all Flowers Have to Blossom at some point and when that day came it never Stoped , So this brand is for all the underdogs , Late Bloomers and anyone who has ever been counted out . This is for those who have been patient in the process and are entering there Blooming season. 

"A l8 Bloomer is Just one who Blossoms into there Greatness a little Later in Life"-Shawn Alexis

I hope you enjoy these inspirational Collections .

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